The months have grown cold as of late.

Our adventurers begin in a land that should be in the height of summer. However flannel shirts, long pants and insulated boots are the fashion norm around many local area villages these days. The harvest has been slim and something stirs to the north, making the temperatures unseasonably cold and at least 15 degrees cooler than the Faerunian Farmers Almanac says it should be.

Conflicts to the south threaten to overrun into the less civilized areas and rumors of slavery, internment and genocide at the hands of Imperial expansion threaten the liberty of free peoples everywhere.

Will our brave players take on the task of investigating the cause of the world wide Ice Age? Will they be able to discover the true roots of power that drive the malevolent forces in the north to conquer southwards? Will these brave heroes be the last bastions of hope for a dwindling population of Free men, resolved to send a message to expanding empires?

Our Game Focus

This game will be a series of one offs with a rotating DM structure. Each player – if they want – will be running an adventure with between 1-3 sessions, then handing the DM dice over to the next willing player. The point here is mainly to have fun and if you as a player cant make it – we dont have to pause the game and when you return – the only thing you missed was a few XP’s.

The Nothing: Oblivion & Beyond

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