Varden Glint


In the Age there existed Gods and Mortals. And so Varden Glint was born… but that was long ago, and there are none who remember it. Many years have passed since that day, all leading up to the moment his great-great-great-great grandson was knighted as a Cleric of the Order. His name by weird confluence was also Varden Glint which is puzzling as the original Glint had only daughters.

Our Varden Glint, hereafter known simply as Varden Glint, also happens to be a Prince of the Realm (or so his father vaguely suggested when he was but a dwarfling, swaddled in his mothers beard). A theocracy had come to power some time in the Third Generation replacing the monarchy and therefore the claim of prince no longer held any real significance. Despite this, Varden Glint felt it his birthright to serve and protect his fellow Dwarvenkind in the only way a he could… as a Knight Cleric of the Foundation (compulsory service).

WIth his knighthood bestowed, he is to undertake a pilgrimage to corners of the Realms and retrieve a holy artifact from each before his quest complete.

Varden Glint

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