Special Rulings Page

All Characters should be rolled up from the Players Handbook unless approved by a majority vote by the group.

Attribute rolls: roll 4d6, omit the lowest, that’s your score – book cannon. 16’s, 17’s and 18’s should be rare.

Each player should reference starting gold listed on page 111 of The Players Handbook, then purchase their gear, subtracting from that total.

Prestige Classes will be considered a la carte and knowledge from other books will be included but must RP’d into the game. Feats, skills, spells* and prestige classes should be reviewed buy the group if they appear in supplemental material outside of the core 3.5 rule books. Group review.

- Spells and items from outside of the players handbook must be developed by the caster, found during gameplay or other wise explained though RP.

Feats and skills should be earned through RP to facilitate story telling.

Magic Rulings:
Non Acquirable spells ( not learnable or castable this campaign ):

Sorecer / Wizard Spells:
LVL Spell

9 Wish
Morticanians Disjunction

8 Clone

7 Limited Wish

Clerics / Divine:
LVL Spell

9 Miracle

Special Rulings Page

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